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Student Celebrity is a platform established to bridge the gap between students, their teachers, parents, schools, administrators, and executives. It is a platform where teachers can share their message nationally and internationally based on their vision about student development and other current topics related to students’ and teachers’ duties and rights. It is a platform where students can share their problems and issues freely without barriers. This website also provides a column of confessions where student can share their confessions without revealing their name. Their issues and incidents related to student life will be shared with everyone, not their names and identities.

The magazine’s strength is that it does not discriminate between toppers and failures, black and whites, veterans and amateurs, govt. Or private. In our magazine, being unbiased, we update the viewpoints, visions, philosophies, ideas, and incidents associated with students and teachers that need to be highlighted. My team of teachers and I have served students in many schools and universities. We have seen many teachers talk about students’ problems and education system problems, but there was not a single platform where we could raise their points, discuss them, and could be able to find a solution.

Students’ life problems like Mental pressure, depression, stress, general and social anxiety, family expectations, hopelessness, loneliness, inferiority complexion, relationship difficulties, sexual assaults, and more issues. In addition to this, we also provide the facility of counseling for MENTAL HEALTH, SOLUTION FOR EXAM PHOBIA, PHYSICAL WEAKNESS & we have also planned to start INTERNSHIP (for 8-12th class students especially)for exposure in their field of passion and interest by collaboration with some big companies.

Our Amazing Team Members

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Mayank Arora


Ex-Paramilitary sub-Officer, Teacher and Health Counselor

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Karan Bhavsar


Graphic designer


Tanmeet Singh

Web Developer

Professional Software developer

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