Despite their talent and hard-working attitude, students do not get the results they want in their exams and in interviews.

“Examophobia” or “Examination Phobia” – commonly referred to as the fear of examinations among students.

Despite their talent and hard-working attitude, students do not get the results they want in their exams and in interviews. In the end, they are either judged by society or are treated with apathy that exacerbates their circumstances. The result is that people begin to lose confidence and self-esteem. Actually, Examophobia can be a psychological illness that is seen in the majority of students. However, most parents and teachers don’t recognize the condition due to ignorance. They just believe they are incompetent. Many parents blame themselves because of the whole situation and seek to maintain their broken self-esteem. In India, the examination system is quite riddled with fears and anxieties and is mostly used by teachers and parents as a tool to get a child to study.

 Remedies to cure it: Examophobia is common, however, it is one of the less acknowledged conditions. It is crucial to comprehend the fragility of this disorder since it is connected to children’s mental health issues.

1. Before expecting high levels of performance from their children, parents should understand their child’s personality qualities and allow them to fully grow. Until then, putting pressure on the child or shaming him in any manner would only make things worse.

 2. Parents shouldn’t impose their unrealistic expectations and unfulfilled goals on their children. Let parents not dictate their child’s performance into their competition to attain a greater social status.

3. Parents shouldn’t be too protective of their children. If their child is having some problems they should be encouraged to work on it and get the issue solved by himself/ herself and they should assist the child only when needed. This will help in the development of the character of the child and help the child take on life’s difficulties with confidence.

 4. Parents should meet all needs of their children. Ensure that the child is aware of the distinction between required and unreasonable demands. This will assist the child in making informed choices in critical and uncomfortable circumstances in life and remaining cool at the same time.

5. The family environment can play a crucial role. A child who is not surrounded by parents, or one whose parents are constantly arguing, is usually not at ease. This feeling of fear makes him stressed during the time of examinations too. When we prepare for or take an exam, most of us experience some level of anxiety.

Examination phobia is characterized by high anxiety and stress throughout the examination. And this might lead to sweating and palpitations, make it difficult for the person to think clearly, and cause the paper to be messed up. And for students, exam anxiety refers to being stressed about the upcoming exam, fear of being viewed, fear of the consequences, and many students have experienced this.

And there are many ways you can take to ease the stress of your exams and stress, which will assist you in achieving higher scores and enhance your mental health overall.

Sadness among children

1. Regular Studies Establish solid study habits: ATTEND classes regularly, complete all assignments in time, write notes in a timely manner and be an active student in the classroom. Give yourself plenty of time for revision to ensure you don’t need to finish cramming at the last minute. Ample time for revision will improve your confidence and lessen anxiety about the exam because you’re confident that you’ve done your homework well. Instead of waiting until the last minute, get started studying the moment the academic year starts. With plenty of time to prepare, you’ll definitely be more relaxed since you will have ample time to put in your highest.

2. Another option is to sleep regularly, do some exercise, and relax a bit. Since it all depends on the strength of your mind. All a person’s worries cannot cross the boundaries created by oneself. Parents can be of great assistance by reinforcing their unconditional support and encouragement for their children. Let your children realize that their worth is not determined by their grades. Assist them in dispelling the notion that exam achievement predicts future success. ‘Good grades indicate a job well done.

’ ‘Poor grades equate to the end of one’s life!!’ To put it another way, there are no secrets to success. It is the product of good time management, hard work, and the ability to learn from one’s failures.

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