What stops you?

In any case, behind every one of these reasons have you ever considered what constrains or drives you to venture out and sit quietly?

In this universe, nobody might want to venture back into any part of life. On the off chance that somebody ventures back, there could be a number of reasons for this. In any case, behind every one of these reasons have you ever considered what constrains or drives you to venture out and sit quietly? Do u find what stops you, at last?
There are two purposes for each disappointment FEAR and DESIRE. 

FEAR ( fear comes from the bad experiences of past, negative attitude, genetically environmental development, and external causes) Fear restricts your musings, fear of injury contract your actual strength, fear of losing stops you to face challenges, fear of “in the event that this would occur, then?” never let you adaptable to your choices. This world discusses the individuals who beat their fear like Sikh valiant force, Haidar Ali’s fantastic battles with Britishers. Britishers were on the back foot during Haider Ali’s rule. That is written in brilliant words in Indian history. Nobody can fail to remember the velour of 120 soldiers, 1971 naval force fighters pulverized in excess of 2500 neighbor nation assailants.
What doesn’t stop them to take a choice? It’s all a fearless attitude that I am discussing. They didn’t battle with the “sink or swim” strategy. They battled to win, battled with conclusive and arranged activities with a maxim to catch what they have possessed before. The readings will give you a better view. The fear of India’s youth can be seen on Lodhi Street, Delhi where outside staff selection commission office (SSC) a huge number of understudies protested in Dec 2020, following the past mass dissent held in Nov 2018 and Nov 2019 against not giving joining letters to those selected competitors even who have passed all the stages what the notification of exam requested for.
For instance, govt. doesn’t reach the outcome of a student’s protest, then what? Students should Protest hard like KISAN Andolan or change the track of studies and move to businesses? What decisions they should take? Decisions come from the risks and risk power comes from bravery and fearlessness. Yet, you need a stage and set out to proceed onward from the disappointments or hanging victories. All choice comes from courage and dauntlessness comes from knowledge. An informed of law never fear of police. In the same sense, the more you crave knowledge the more valiant you become. Many will say “Becoming bold won’t give us roti, it’s easy lip service ” yet it gives an approach to roti if you consider it. You are right or wrong, who decides. Simply turn out persistently for what you are looking for, dreaming for. Battle till the last and you will be distinctive you.
DESIRE( that hold us to fight to live, keeps us alive till we don’t lose hope)
Presently we will discuss the second explanation that is DESIRE. We are perusing all these for long that expectations and desires Hurt more. However, would we say we are ready to suppress our desires? Never on the grounds that to control of desires is certainly not a simple undertaking Nah. Also, nobody disclosed to us the answer to how to control desires. If we have no desires, at that point why we are on earth, many think so. They love to indulge in moh Maya after reading success stories of rich ones. But they forget to learn how the traditional texts helped them to reach success. How the epics and the Buddha’s path, the path of Ramayana teach them to maintain success. This can be beginning shaken at any time. It can put out its annoyance of torrent any time. Generally speaking here I need to state that everything is associated here and there. Mahatma Buddha Ji said “suffering isn’t less wonderful than joy. It’s the other side of the coin. You simply need to be tolerant to your patience too. Tolerance and patience are the arrangements of all. Sit quiet and be the audience to see this hurry furry world. you will find the solution to all your miseries and failures. And afterward, you will locate that all the longings are excellent in the event that you work with tolerance and couldn’t care less about its results.
Furthermore, Bhagwat Geeta says about Nishkama karma. We have ignored the text’s success mantra. I don’t state we should have to follow god yet these writings are a manifestation of god in itself. The genuine lifestyle choice life is covered up in it. Indian youth need to interpret it. Guru Grantha sahib showed us valiantly and consistently living lifestyle. Bhagwat Geeta showed us how to take choice when you stage two way hypothesis and you need to pick one. Ramayana instructed about live for society or alleged Praja without intuition what the general public state about you. So here I need to simply tell you that you come up with a ton of reasons for your disappointments or for not making endeavors however behind all the blocks there are two reasons I have discussed. Comprehend it tranquility and simply do self-understanding where you need to venture back and where you should venture forward, smoothly, strongly, and keeping up your inward harmony. Solutions are sitting just beside you. Roundabout your eyes and talk with them. you will feel unbounded by all the confusion. Just look around minutely, look inside mutely.
What’s stops you will never stop you ever then.

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